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Prepared with all functions to provide a reliable irradiation to complete a Photopheresis treatment. Critical parameters like volume, hematokrit and irradiation power feed an Algorithm for precise Energy calculation.

UVA PIT System®

A product that grows and develops with the requirements of customers and regulations. The UVA PIT System® is an automated system which provides 2-Step Photopheresis Treatment with high effective irradiation of the buffy coat and is the solution for contemporary UVA applications without limitations to volume and haematocrit.

The system ensures that the required UVA energy is effectively and evenly distributed over the concentrated cell suspension. Moreover, the cells are continuously moved and recirculated in order to ensure the best activation.

The UVA PIT System® provides an effective, consistent and homogeneous irradiation of all present cells.

The Goal

The system has been developed to be:

  • Highly mobile
  • Economic
  • Effective in use

    The compact system provides photopheresis applications without limitations to age or body weight and is independent of patient type.

    Furthermore, the system is also appropriate for the use in pediatric treatments as it is suitable for small up to large buffy coat volumes.

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The Advantages

Standardized outcome independent from the initial parameters.

  • User friendly and comprehensible technique
  • Fast and easy to prepare and operate
  • Short processing time
  • Allows the use of all available cell separators → any collection system can be used for collecting the buffy coat
  • Sensor that monitors the constant flow of the cells in the tubing system
  • Internal UVA sensor for continuous measurement of emitted irradiation and for accurate energy delivery → guarantee for efficient and reproducible results
  • Temperature sensors for safety control
  • Safe and easy access to the irradiation chamber
  • Irradiation circuit with large surface expression that allows homogeneous and efficient UVA irradiation
  • Recirculation pump with cell protection technology that reduces stress to the cells
  • Cooling system with high capacity and online temperature measurement to keep the temperature within the parameters
  • Control unit for easy data insert (volume and haematocrit) → volume and haematocrit parameter input for individual customization
  • Interactive touchscreen display that shows the various procedure phases and essential parameters (like remaining energy to be delivered (in Joule) or internal chamber temperature (in °C), etc.) and enables easy setting
  • Acoustic and visible alarms for adequate operator interaction
  • Easy and fast KIT loading
  • Allows fast treatments for more patient comfort
  • Compact and flexible
  • Optional database for treatment parameter recording
  • Power: 220-230 V; 50/60 Hz; 2A
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Dimensions: 64 cm x 30 cm  x 23 cm
Made in Germany




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