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Additionally to the sandard system this Ipad driven function can provide the necessary data collection including a data storrage and printout for quality asurance or clinical reports.

UVA PIT System Next

Building on our strength of experience – UVA PIT System NEXT

UVA PIT System Next combines our long term experience with the latest IT technology.

The next generation UVA PIT NEXT is designed to meet the traceability and documentation requirements of modern hospitals. It allows to collect and evaluate data.

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Enables all data to enter via scanner or keyboard that are relevant to the treatment of Photopheres-is. It records all activities of the UVA PIT System during its engagement and stores it in a databank. The Data Log System based on IOS Apple iPad allows to print each single protocol via the wireless printer. The export as a PDF or a CSV file allows exporting into other data base compatible programs like Microsoft Excel. The history of all treatments is always available on a button click. The blue tooth technology allows to keep the working place free of wires and connection  cables.

The implemented Data Log protocol that is used was developed as a common project of many Blood Transfusion / Blood Bank specialists confronted on a daily base with treatments.

As the UVA Pit System allows a closed-circuit stet up, the protocol considers also the prior disposable batch number for apheresis. As well as the selection of the apheresis system.




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