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Ex vivo treatment

Photo Immune Therapy (UVA Radiation) with the UVA PIT System has become a standard procedure performed in many treatment centres around the world.
One reason why the treatment has become this successful is the benefits of this procedure for the patient. Among others they include more safety and more patient comfort due to the fact that it is an ex vivo treatment – the patient is not connected to the system and therefore also not during the irradiation of the buffy coat.
This means that the time exposure for the patient is reduced significantly and individual freedom to customise the amount of time between apheresis phase and reinfusion to the patient is given.

Less connection - more time for patient

Less connection to the device – more time for the patient

Due to the easy understandable technique and operation of the system, this can be achieved by any trained operator of the UVA PIT System.
Med Tech Solutions provides operating instruction and training, gives technical advice and trains its local disributors in order to ensure the best possible qualification for handling the system.
Please contact us for further information, our customer service department is at your disposal for any questions or requests.