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New generation of the UVA PIT System

New generation of UVA PIT System
In 2015 Med Tech Solutions developed a new generation of the UVA PIT System.
The device is now equipped with new improvements regarding safety protection in order to ensure the high standard of security for the patients and operators.
The main new feature is a pressure sensor for KIT protection which avoids the overpressure of the fluid within the lines of the UVA PIT System.
Of course the system still contains the established features and specifications as before: A colour LCD touch screen, hematocrit and volume input, automatic energy calculation, smooth start & easy loading pump, air cooling, RS 232 port, pole for saline and blood bags, power supply 110 – 230 V.
All systems carry the CE-mark for medical devices.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us: info@med-tech-solutions.com