The Treatment

Med Tech Solutions GmbH is a manufacturer for Photo Immune Therapy (2-Step-Photopheresis /ECP):
This treatment modality is performed for different autoimmune diseases after solid organ transplantations as well as after bone marrow transplantations in order to activate the patient’s own immune system.
It is performed to reduce the rejection episodes of solid organ transplantations and to treat Grafts-vs.-Host-Disease (GvHD) after bone marrow transplantations.
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The UVA PIT System


Our product is called UVA PIT System and consists of a treatment device and disposable tubing sets.
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Med Tech Solutions’ activities as well as our customer and technical support are worldwide.
We always place value on keeping our customers and users of the UVA PIT System satisfied.
For any inquiries, requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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